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Info & Model Posting Plugins

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  • uEk4HBF.pngif you want to create a topic about a plugin you have to be clear.
  • uEk4HBF.pngParting from this, i will let you the option of make your own model, of course i will let a model here, watch and read this complete, somethings of the next model have to be included obligatory.


  1. uEk4HBF.pngName:   - Name of the plugin
  2. uEk4HBF.pngAutor:    - Original creator of the plugin, this is obligatory!
  3. uEk4HBF.pngVersion: - This is optional, this mean the version of the plugin, what changes have
  4. uEk4HBF.pngDescription:  - What can do this plugin?
  5. uEk4HBF.pngInstallation: - This part is obligatory too, you should explain how install this plugin

1- fanmix.amxx file, put it in addons / amxmodx / plugins

2- fanmix.txt file, put it in addons / amxmodx / lang

3- Go to addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini and add the following information:

Commands: - Plugin commands

Cvars: - Cvars of the plugin

Features: - Information additional, this is optional

Download: - Links of download amxx, sma and others files, you should check this first!

Images: - Images of the plugin working, this is optional but is highly recommended annexing this

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