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[Addons] Regulament & Model

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tt9a4n6u.gifOff-topic or spam messages are not allowed, otherwise you will receive a warning;
tt9a4n6u.gifThe subject name must contain: [ADDONS] CLASSIC or [ADDONS] ZOMBIE PLAGUE;
tt9a4n6u.gifCompliance with the model is mandatory, otherwise you will be sanctioned and your topic will be deleted;
tt9a4n6u.gifIf the download link is no longer valid after adding it, please report this with the report button at the bottom of the post and we'll try to help;
tt9a4n6u.gifAvoid posting addons that were previously posted. Use the search function, otherwise you will be penalized;
tt9a4n6u.gifMessages such as "Thank you" / "Very good to try" are prohibited.
tt9a4n6u.gifThe topic will be closed after 24 hours by the moderators.
tt9a4n6u.gifYou can post 1 topic per day.


tt9a4n6u.gifDownload link:
tt9a4n6u.gifArchive password (optional):

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