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✔ Rules Portofoliu

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✔ The title of your topic should be: Gallery "your name" (example: @Mr.DANIEL Portofoliu)
✔ You will be able to post images edited by you only in professional editing programs (Photoshop / Illustrator / Affter Effects / Cinema4D)
✔ Topics are open only to respond with opinions and / or criticisms, do not congratulate them.
✔ Members who steal other works from other members will be moved to the Rippers section and will be permanently blacklisted in the Design section.
✔ It is forbidden to ask in a gallery of works, avatar or signature, etc.
Designers have every right to request your psd file for one (or more) works. If you do not have it, you will have to do a job similar to the one required.
Designers only designers can request PSD files from other members.
✔ People with stolen images will be added directly to the blacklist if they are detected as rippers, (Direct)
✔ Members cannot accuse a person of a ripper, they must inform the design team and they will make the decision.


Note: If the member does not have the PSD file it will be removed from the section, if this continuation action it will be added to the ripper list for a period of 30 days, if it continues it will be added to the Blacklist Permanently and will not be able to open another gallery.

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