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  1. Here you can post your own gallery with gifts for all members! You are allowed only to make 1 gallery, not 2 or more. You must tag the person (s) before you post the gift (s). You are allowed with 3 maximum gifts per day. All 3 gifts must be in the same post. (you can post now one, and edit the post and add 2 more later) You cannot make multiple posts in the same day because it will break the Community rules about "double-post" and you will be warned. Your gallery must have only your posts in it. If you want to thank a member because he made a gift for you, you can with a like. Comments are not allowed. Your works must have at least one watermark on them. There are 3 warnings available. You will be warned with these if you do not respect the rules above & community rules. If you reach 3 warnings, you will be Blacklisted 2 weeks. After that, there are no more warnings. If you break the rules again, after those 2 weeks, you will be Blacklisted 1 month, and after that, permanently. REMEMBER: 3 Gifts in a post per day. That means you can only make 1 post each day.
  2. In this topic, we'll be posting the upgraded / downgraded designers, so you can keep in track with the team staff changes.
  3. Please read it carefully to avoid any problems! Is allowed to publish 1 topic, from Hardware respectively every 24 hours. When it opens, the title should contain a clear idea to avoid publishing the same topic by 2 times. If the topic contains a video, it must contain a short written description, summary or conclussion explaining what the video is about. The Hardware topics will be closed by Moderators after 24/ 48 hours. All topics which break these or general rules will be hidden / deleted by Moderators Super Moderator Detinator
  4. if you want to create a topic about a plugin you have to be clear. Parting from this, i will let you the option of make your own model, of course i will let a model here, watch and read this complete, somethings of the next model have to be included obligatory. Name: - Name of the plugin Autor: - Original creator of the plugin, this is obligatory! Version: - This is optional, this mean the version of the plugin, what changes have Description: - What can do this plugin? Installation: - This part is obligatory too, you should explain how install this plugin 1- fanmix.amxx file, put it in addons / amxmodx / plugins 2- fanmix.txt file, put it in addons / amxmodx / lang 3- Go to addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini and add the following information: fanmix.amxx Commands: - Plugin commands Cvars: - Cvars of the plugin Features: - Information additional, this is optional Download: - Links of download amxx, sma and others files, you should check this first! Images: - Images of the plugin working, this is optional but is highly recommended annexing this
  5. Off-topic or spam messages are not allowed, otherwise you will receive a warning; The subject name must contain: [ADDONS] CLASSIC or [ADDONS] ZOMBIE PLAGUE; Compliance with the model is mandatory, otherwise you will be sanctioned and your topic will be deleted; If the download link is no longer valid after adding it, please report this with the report button at the bottom of the post and we'll try to help; Avoid posting addons that were previously posted. Use the search function, otherwise you will be penalized; Messages such as "Thank you" / "Very good to try" are prohibited. The topic will be closed after 24 hours by the moderators. You can post 1 topic per day. Model: Title: Description: Author: Download link: Plugins: Archive password (optional):
  6. ✔ The title of your topic should be: Gallery "your name" (example: @Mr.DANIEL Portofoliu) ✔ You will be able to post images edited by you only in professional editing programs (Photoshop / Illustrator / Affter Effects / Cinema4D) ✔ Topics are open only to respond with opinions and / or criticisms, do not congratulate them. ✔ Members who steal other works from other members will be moved to the Rippers section and will be permanently blacklisted in the Design section. ✔ It is forbidden to ask in a gallery of works, avatar or signature, etc. ✔ Designers have every right to request your psd file for one (or more) works. If you do not have it, you will have to do a job similar to the one required. Designers only designers can request PSD files from other members. ✔ People with stolen images will be added directly to the blacklist if they are detected as rippers, (Direct) ✔ Members cannot accuse a person of a ripper, they must inform the design team and they will make the decision. Note: If the member does not have the PSD file it will be removed from the section, if this continuation action it will be added to the ripper list for a period of 30 days, if it continues it will be added to the Blacklist Permanently and will not be able to open another gallery.
  7. Cerere Model [RO] ➤Tip(avatar/semnatura/cover) : ➤Dimensiuni : ➤Text : ➤Tematica[Fete/Masini/Natura/Abstract/Catei/etc]: ➤Ultima cerere : ➤Alte informatii : Model Request [EN] ➤Tip (avatar / signature / cover): ➤Dimensions: ➤Text: ➤Theme [Girls / Cars / Nature / Abstract / Puppies / etc]: ➤Last request: ➤Other information:
  8. welcome have fun...!!!
  9. ¤ Name[/nickname]: @Mr.DANIEL ¤ Age: 25 ¤ Country: Colombia ¤ Occupation: - ¤ A short description about you: pleasant ¤ How did you found out fanmix: Gametraker ¤ Favorite games: CSGO, ZOMBIE PLAGUE ¤ Favorite server [community only]: all ¤ A picture of you:
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